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Being tried as an adult in Pennsylvania

Hi, all, :-)

This is my first post, and I'm having a devil of a time trying to find the answer to this question. I'm not sure I'm Googling right, but I've tried about three or four fruitless variations. (Like "juvenile adult trial Pennsylvania," or "tried as an adult Pennsylvania") If anyone can help me pin it down a bit better, I'd appreciate it!

Alternately, if anyone knows, it'd be a tremendous help--under what circumstances would a juvenile offender be tried as an adult in Pennsylvania in this day and age? Would it have to be a violent crime, or would the number of charges matter? I'm trying to figure out the prison sentence for an underaged (seventeen) offender. This particular character has committed electronic crimes (e.g, bank fraud) and grand larceny.

Any help--even just a better way to Google--would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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