tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in little_details,

Shelf life of morphine...

Okay - i've got a character who was a medic in the Korean war, 1951. He managed to bring home his field kit, complete with several ampules of morphine. He's kept his kit in a foot locker in his home since then, and he lives in Kansas.

*And yes, you can do this, my father has the morphine and other supplies he carried as a Navy medic in WW2 - they never asked for it and he simply didn't return it.*

My question is - would the morphine still have any effect if used? I've googled 'shelf life morphine glass storage' since the most recent studies seemed to be only done with plastic containers. The few things i found only tested for up to a year and a half, with almost no degeneration of the drug when stored in glass.

So would fifty year old morphine, stored in air-tight glass ampules, still work? They've been in the dark footlocker, but also in an un-air-conditioned house from time to time, so they've gotten warm *and* cold.


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