maryrobinette (maryrobinette) wrote in little_details,

Autumn Foliage in Dorchester, 1814 - Regency

Setting: Dorchester, England
Time: 1814, Autumn

My main character is walking from her estate to the neighbors'. Along the way she picks up some foliage as an autumnal bouquet. I wanted maples, but those appear to only exist as imported ornamentals. Does anyone know what she's likely to see, and what color they would be?

I'm looking for something red, or bright, or just pretty as long as it's not green, that might make a nice bouquet. I've found lots of pictures of autumn color, but many of them are in botanical gardens (so I can't tell if they are native) or are unlabeled.

I've googled variations on Britain, Dorchester, autumn, regency, trees, foliage, Dorset

Thanks for your help.

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