Cwelfin Jelk (crazy_wood_elf) wrote in little_details,
Cwelfin Jelk

Aquatic plants that could ensnare swimmers

Here's the setup: A young girl with a very weak leg was pushed from a park Observation Point type area into a lake. She was a very bad swimmer, and drowned. However, in addition to her weak leg and lack of swimming experience, I'm hoping to include her becoming somehow entangled in the lake flora. I've heard of people becoming caught in seaweed, and I was wondering if there are any types of aquatic, lake-dwelling plants that someone could logically become entangled in.

The location of the lake is a fictional American resort town called Silent Hill (yes, I'm writing fanfic), which has yet to be given a specific position. The weather there is generally cold, and somewhat foggy. The lake is very large, and apparently very deep (a small passenger ferry reportedly disappeared some years ago).

In essence, I was wondering if I could include any seaweed-esque (or perhaps vaguely tendril-y) lake plants that could logically impair a person, thusly making it more difficult for them to swim.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)

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