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I'm not sure if I'm just bad at bullshitting information on robotics, or my brain is simply dead from the amount I've already had to bullshit, but I could use some help.

I need some kind of instrument that a doctor might use when doing a routine maintenance check on an intelligent robot. One that looks sharp (whether it actually is sharp is immaterial; the scene works fine either way).

If background helps, I'm working on a Megaman X fic. The robots in this setting are humanoid. They're fully capable of thinking, making decisions, and feeling emotions, so their systems are pretty sophisticated and whatever work is done during a standard tuneup would probably reflect that. They pretty much look and act and behave like humans with cool blaster arms and heavy armor and crap like that. I've got Lifesaver (the chief medic) doing a routine check on Axl (spunky rookie), and I just want him to pull out something that's going to make Axl squirm.

Thanks in advance~
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