I am not a number; I am a free man! (arxev) wrote in little_details,
I am not a number; I am a free man!

Japanese dialects in pop culture

This may be a slightly odd question for this community, so my apologies if it's considered off-topic or inappropriate. I'm just hoping to get a lot of input on this particular question!

I'm doing research now for my thesis about dialect and stereotype in modern Japanese culture. Academically I'm pretty well-covered, especially on the linguistic side of things. But, I need some primary sources. So I ask you, little_details, to delve into your fountain of knowledge and give me recs for books, movies, manga, TV shows -- whatever you can think of, really -- that have interesting or obvious cases of people speaking in dialect or people talking about or going to specific areas in Japan.

Now, obviously I have been doing my own research on this, and in particular I've got a pretty good amount on the Kansai area and the Osaka dialect, so I'm mostly looking for stuff that focuses on other regions. If you know of a totally awesome example of Osaka-ben/Kansai-region in something, though, feel free to tell me! Maybe I'lll find something new.

Thanks in advance -- I hope this is okay!

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