Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist (kittikattie) wrote in little_details,
Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist

Genetics, therapy, and laptops...

These seem unrelated, but they are, in a way.

Genetics: What's the genetics, roughly, of a blond and a redhead having a red headed child verses two blonds having a red headed child? I was told that blonds don't have brunettes or redheads because blond is purely recessive, but things may have changed/I could be grossly wrong. Also, how do eye colors work? I've heard that some blue and green eyed people do in fact have brown eyed children, but isn't it very rare?

Therapy: If an almost 11 year old girl went into psychological therapy for being witness to a murder, about how long would the therapy continue? Does it go on her decision, the descision of her parents, the therapist, or something else/a mixture? My idea was to have her go to a person specializing in juveniles, starting then and continuing until at least high school--further if she wished it to. Also, would it taper off as she became more stable? My idea was that it'd be weekly initially, then once a month for the first few years, then backing off to once every two or three months until it ended.

Laptops: What kind of laptops were around in 1994? I know they were not as sleek or powered as today's, but could a laptop run a basic database program such as a client list and do basic word documents? The person I want to have this would have a desktop for a lot of her work, but would use this in meetings to take notes and pull up client information (she's in a service organization and could afford to have one).

Thanks for any help! I appreciate it.
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