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Transferring a protection order Boston to Ohio

I've attempted to ask my local sheriff's department, but since I didn't have a protection order to bring in, they couldn't help me.

Setting: Ohio 2006-2007

Situation: My protagonist has run from her abusive ex husband. The divorce is final, the protection order is from the family court. (He was physically abusive, and actually arrested and served a small sentence for Domestic Violence charges.) She has moved, from Boston (where the order was issued) to Ohio (where she is from, originally). Single mother of a pair of twins, with flexible personal income.

Problem: Her ex has followed her. What does she have to do to get the local authorities to recognise her protection order from Boston? Does she have to file it with the local department? Does she have to file for a new one? Is this a case of "It's up to authorities"?

Searches Used: Googling terms like "Domestic protection order", "transferring protection orders", "out of state protection orders"

Anyone have any ideas?

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