Jesse Hajicek (gomichan) wrote in little_details,
Jesse Hajicek

Off-roading conversation

Setting: present day, American midwest
Searches tried: Googled 'off-road' and 'offroad', found those to be mostly magazines and truck sales; tried adding 'blog' and 'forum' in hopes of getting some personal accounts, but found lots of videos and not much conversation.

I need to come up with a few lines of conversation between a pair of characters who just spent the afternoon driving around in the mud. Ideally there'd be something humorous or at least silly they could say. These are two twenty-something males; the owner of the truck (an oldish Toyota pickup, if it matters) insisted on going offroading, and the other guy didn't want to go but found himself kind of enjoying it in a roller-coaster sort of way. I want to depict the tail end of their conversation as they're getting home, to hint at what kind of day they had.

Does anyone here go offroading? Can you give me an anecdote or two, or a bit of description, from which I can build this scrap of conversation?

Thanks a lot, folks.

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