Wrath (twilit_wrath) wrote in little_details,

A Question About Kevlar

Okay, my character wears Kevlar-lined clothing. It's not proper armor, more like somebody sewed a Kevlar blanket on the inside of a leather jacket. Now according to Google, getting shot while wearing a vest is going to leave a bruise and knock the wearer back. My question is how much worse will it be with a blanket? Will it still just leave a bruise? Will it leave a welt? Will it be an actual injury with fibers from the blanket driven into the wound? At the moment, I'm assuming the bullet just grazed her shoulder, but I'll also need to know what will happen if she's shot straight in the chest.

Anything you can add on the subject of Kevlar would be most welcome as well. I Googled "how does Kevlar stop a bullet", but the other words I tried (Kevlar, Kevlar blanket, damaged while wearing Kevlar...others I can't remember offhand) were either police boards extolling its virtues or putting it down, or companies trying to sell it to me. Nothing I could understand enough to be informed by. My Google-fu sucks.

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