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Coming-of-age in Japan.

Two major questions, each comprising a slew of minor ones.

1) When is a child 'of age' in Japan? Are there different ages where someone is legally an adult for different things, or does it vary? Is that age also the age up until which a parent/guardian is required to provide care? If not, what is? Is there no such age?

[I want to know so I know how old Character A has to be before his father can kick him out, in case it helps.]

2) How is school funded in Japan? Is it the case that there are 'public' and 'private' schools? If there are public schools, how far does funding go? Do pupils have to pay college/university tuition, as in the US, or not, as in France? Does it vary, and if so, what effects it?

[Basically, I want to know how much Character A's education would be effected by his family's money, assuming that grades are not an issue.]
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