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inpatient therapy sessions

Setting (worldwide location): Midwest America -- loosely based in Iowa, but there isn't any state outrightly stated ('scuse the pun) in the story.

Situation: I have a character who was put in a mid-level inpatient program because she was talking to things that weren't there but wouldn't communicate with anyone else, believed she was the Antichrist, and had cut everyone out of her life except for two friends -- both of which were penpals, therefore affording her no human contact aside from her foster parents. She's been in the inpatient program for a couple months, and while she will now engage in conversation with actual people (and not just the things only she sees), her opinions of what she is have not changed, nor has her willingness to make new friends. She's reasonably functional now, and is on the verge of being released when this story takes place. However, she's just had a relapse, in which she's started talking aloud to her invisible friendthings again, and has to talk about this during her weekly therapy session.

Research: I've googled and wiki'd quite a bit on various therapies, but I think this needs the voice of personal experience. I cleared up all my other questions on hospitalization through this research. I also checked the taglist for this community.

Question: How exactly would this therapist talk to her? She's been a generally difficult (reluctant to speak, really sarcastic, anti-authority-ish) patient, so would he be exasperated with her by now and be speaking with her harshly, or what? I really don't want to write the stereotypical stern/sarcastic/exasperated therapist if he wouldn't actually be exasperated with her. And would he, by this point, outright TELL her she's delusional and needs to stop, or would he repeat the same things he's been saying for the past couple months over again? Basically, how harsh would he be? I'd like knowledge on hospital therapists, as I can get info on regular outpatient therapy myself. Would the inpatient therapy be the same as outpatient? (I'm assuming not, but I could be totally wrong.)

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