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Causes of blindness

I've looked through the memories here and googled this extensively but not found anything I'm looking for.

I have this character and I'm looking for a way to make him go blind.

I've planned out the basic story and know what I'd like to happen. I could it but I'd prefer not to as I've written sections already.

He's a fairly healthy guy (suffers from insomnia and moderate depression), mid to late 20s in present day America. He's fairly well off with access to treatment but probably quite reluctant to take it.

What I want to happen is for this guy starts waking up with less vision than he went to sleep with. Now he already wears glasses, though his eyesight is pretty steady and doesn't change very often. At this point he's also not been sleeping very well and he's been doing a lot so at first he rights it off as stress and a need for new glasses.

When he goes to the opticians he takes a close friend and they will probably goof around a bit so the optician could spot the problem then and warn him and he might just not pay any attention. He would probably write it off as the optician exagerating.

I want this to happen again. Him waking up and having less vision, and my idea was it could happen more frequently to a much more extreme degree. However I planned this idea in my head at school and then when I came home and googled to find something simular I found nothing.

I want the blindness to be perminant and to the point where he can't make out anything (actual blindness compared to legal blindness).

I've done my research and I'm 99% sure I could write him being blind effectively, however I'm struggling with making him blind in the first place.

I've googled "rapid blindness" "causes of blindness" "blind +rapid" "sudden vision loss" and various other forms of this. I've read into all the causes of blindness on wikipedia and various google links but nothing seems to fit.

Thank you for any help you can give.

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