Lain, the Huntingress (accountingwitch) wrote in little_details,
Lain, the Huntingress

Unable to digest food?

I'm looking for a disease or disorder. All I know is:

1. the person is unable to digest food because the body lacks...whatever it is that removes nutrients.
2. the person has to consume pills containing...whatever it is the body is lacking (enzymes?) whenever s/he eats something. The example I heard was that, even for eating a piece of toast, these pills have to be eaten as well or the toast just passes straight through the body, no nutritional value gained at all.
3. I assume the person dies fairly young because of this - before their 30s, I think.

I've tried searching enzymes, pills, disease, stomach, "unable to digest food" and disorder in various combinations. I don't have any background in biology and I don't know the correct terminology.

It might be cystic fibrosis, but I'm not sure; this was the only part of the disease I could remember and I don't know if this was the only symptom.

Anybody know the name of what I'm looking for? Got it - it is cystic fibrosis. Thanks for all the replies, they really helped!
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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