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Cwelfin Jelk

Fractures, casts, and treatment time

Alright, now this is related to my first question about being hit by a car (which can be found at ), but you don't need to read that post to answer this question.

A reasonably fit woman of about twenty-five years of age has been hit by a car travelling between 20mph and 30mph, and the car hit her in a sideswipe, knocking her to the ground. She has recieved numerous bruises and scrapes all over her body, as well as one or two closed hairline fractions in her left forearm. I'm assuming that her arm would be put in a cast, and perhaps a sling, but I need to know a few things.

The hospital is fairly close (she recieved this injury just outside of the town), and not extremely busy, so I'm hoping she wouldn't have to wait too long before she is treated.

A) How long would general treatment take if the fractures were closed, harline fractures? (Diagnosis, treatment, etc.) I'm hoping for a timeframe under three hours, though I am willing to change the circumstances if I need to.

B) What's the general procedure for treating fractures like that? (Doesn't have to be too in-depth, I just need an idea of what she'd go through before being sent to a room where she can rest)

C) How would the arm feel if she began moving shortly after being sent to said room in which she may rest? What would it feel like if she were walking, running, or perhaps even striking someone with her other arm? (I know that hospital staff would discourage her from exerting herself, wanting her to stay in her room, but the situations are unorthodox to say the least and I doubt that hospital policy would be one of the first things on this woman's mind)

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