10,000 more (apostropher) wrote in little_details,
10,000 more

Serious non-vehicular (leg) injury

I have a very well-trained 19 year old female ballet dancer who needs to be injured. I need an injury that would basically make it impossible for her to dance professionally in the future but that the only complication in her everyday life would be a limp at most - my original plan was for her to just get hit by a car and have a knee injury. The problem is, that's what's going to be happening to another character and I really don't want the accidents to be similar. So I need the accident to preferably have nothing to do with a car at all and not be a knee injury. If this is any help, she lives in a large city. Any help?

Google: I've tried non-vehicular injury, sports injury, ballet injury... But most of this just comes up with injuries caused by sports or ballet! Looking up just injuries is so general that it comes up with nothing! Or else I come up with the specific medical classifications of injuries instead of ways they could have been caused.

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