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Who here owns a motorcycle?

In honor of Ghost Rider (who is so very pretty, by the way), I've resurrected an old super hero type character of mine. She doesn't have super powers, but she was once a stunt driver who specialized in motorcycles.

Now, my setting is the future, so I'm not too worried about the reality of my motorcycle. I've done enough research to avoid being stupid about it. But what I can't seem to find in Google is an indepth description of the tricks performers use. There's videos of 'cool stunts' all over the place, but they aren't exactly educational. I need to know the mechanics behind the tricks.

My character needs to be able to do things like drive while standing on the seat to jump over to a moving vehicle and use conveniently placed I-beams as ramps, or drive along the centerline of a busy street without taking out anyone's side mirrors, or swerve around in front of said cars without getting hit. She needs to be able to drive up and down stairs and swing her back wheel around to hit bad guys with it without losing her balance and falling over. She needs to be an expert trick rider, and I don't know any tricks.

Also, the first and only time I have ridden a motorcycle was when I was five. I don't remember what it was like, so can someone describe what it's like on a more mental and (I guess) emotional level? Is it an exhilerating feeling of freedom, like it seems to someone who's most exotic moment was driving a shift? Or is it just another humdrum mode of transportation?

(Writing what I know is so boring...)
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