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So... Two questions, both revolving in basically the same time period and area. Think Sherlock Holmes. Same place, same time. This was originally a fanfic, but it jumped into original.

1. Was there anything like a sanatorium or hospice in that time frame? The characters are two children with permanent disabilities. The girl had polio that left her with a useless arm and a useless leg. The boy is mute due to several mental retardation. I need them to be somewhere that isn't with their parents and is, nonetheless, with other disabled/seriously ill children.

2. I need a bitter-tasting medicine/herb/anything at all. It should be able to be ground up and placed in food. The symptoms should be subtle. Noticeable by a doctor, but not specific enough to be told instantly by symptoms alone. Does that make sense? I can clarify, if need be.
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