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Court trial details / Medical quary about a stab wound

Hi new member here and am glad to find this community.

The setting for a section of my story is a modern day English court.

As the case is a pretty nasty I shall
The details are a  man is on trial for rape of his step daughter (adult but the rape was when she was about  16 if that makes any diffrance) /attempted murder/drug dealing. He is not pleading guilty and has been deemed sane enough to stand trial. This section of the story is told from the step daughters point of view as a witness.

What I really need to know is details of the following:

Would they be treated as seperate trials or would it be possible for all charges to be took through as one trial?
How long would it be from actual arrest to going through court proccedings?
And the main thing I am after is a "Star Witness" as it wheres point of view of giving evidance, more the behind the scenes stuff rather than actual giving evidance, such as where would they wait, what happens on lunch breaks, that sort of thing. I have discovered that she would have a court liason officer and would be allowed to have someone with her, I am more after the before, breaks in giving evidance  and more importantly does the court arange transport of witnesses and if so how does that work?

Google phrases I have tried are "Giving evidance in court" "Court trials (and the relevent  charges) and "Victim support  in court" 
I have also read a number of women  magazine articals on this matter.

Oh and another quick question, if someone was in hospital
from a stab wound to put it in the characters words "with injuries to Perforated intestines,lacerated  spleen, gall bladder, and joy of joys my pancreus." How long, (Barring complications) would they be in hospital for and what treatments would they recieve for this. More importantly would they be concious a day or two after being admited to hospital for this....*This is kind of a big plot point and if they would still be unconcious what damage could a butchers knife in the stumache  do to put her in hospital for a while but allow her to be awake a day or two later?*

Tried googling the various body parts mentioned without much success , Have also asked on the nanowrimo board.
If someone could point me in the direction of sources of info that would be fantastic... or even, more suitable google terms


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