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Japanese universities?

Oh man, I love this place already. :D :D :D

Ok, I have some questions about Japanese universities, especially the ones in/around Tokyo.

1) Are they more or less modeled after Western universities? And if so, will the policies/procedures/organizational structure be similar?

1a) Do they allow you to delay your entry into the university? (It's 1am my time so I don't recall ATM what the correct term is. ^_^a) And if so, what are acceptable reasons?

2) How many universities are there in/around Tokyo, and which ones have more prestige? I'm thinking Tokyo University is supposed to be the with the most prestige, but I could be wrong.

3) How are scholarships/grants/loans handled?

ETA: Wheee~! Thanks for the answers so far. ^_^ FYI, the info is for some characters who live in Tokyo and are of college age, but one of them has an... uncertain financial status at the moment, and the other one I haven't decided if she's pursuing a graduate-level degree or not (assuming graduate-level programs are offered), but she had to postpone university, possibly up to one year, for family reasons.
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