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Anime favored by a certain kind of geek.

I want to make a character a fan of anime but I know nothing about it beyond Sailor Moon.

And I don't think this character would be into that.

The character is a male in his late-20's, geeky but keeps up with pop-culture. He likes anti-heroes and strong female characters (think Trinity from The Matrix). He likes origin stories and watching the process of a hero (or a villain) coming to grips with their destiny. He's interested in survivalism so post-apocalyptic type stories would work too. He doesn't have that many squicks, so things with tentacle rape would be ok with him and he's ok with very dark stories. In general, he likes things that are action, adventure, fantasy or sci-fi oriented.

(If you're familiar with the US version of The Office, think of a character like Dwight Schrute and what he would like in anime.)

Any suggestions?

ETA: Just in case I don't get to all the comment - THANK YOU to everyone who answered! You've all been a big help. :)

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