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Like a Virgin... (Male viewpoint) [suggested tags: virginity, sex]

Research done:
http://community.livejournal.com/little_details/tag/ (read all the sex stuff)
http://community.livejournal.com/writing_sex/tag/ (not very good tagging there, yet) [EDIT: Or else they just don't have the topic I want...]
I haven't touched Google because my kid is frequently around and I would really rather not wade through the pr0n and badfic with a kid babbling about Sims 2 in the background and rampaging around to sometimes look over my shoulder -- and I can't think of good keywords to try to avoid all those. Good keywords are as welcome as personal commentary!

The Question: What does it feel like to the guy if the gal he's with is a virgin? Especially if there's hymenal tearing?

The setting: low-magic non-modern fantasy.

Essentially, Virgin V is a total, complete, might as well have been raised in a nunnery in a full-body chastity belt, unicorn-bait (no actual unicorns in setting) maiden. (There is magic whose effectiveness is based on the amount of physical "purity" and it might not be inaccurate to say that V is a bit uptight because of never, ever, even by herself, messing around "down there.") She's also short and skinny, which may not have much impact (except the hip bones) on the question.

For various reasons which pertain to the plot, she has agreed to marry Experienced Guy G. For other reasons pertaining to her plots and mine, V is very tense, not really in the mood, wants to get this over with ASAP (which she's fine with telling G), and wants to prove that yeah, she was still a maiden before the wedding night (which she's not actually saying out loud, and which is one part of why she's demanding "just do it"). [She's also rejected offers of theoretical sex-ed from a friend of hers, and is therefore going into bed with a batch of street-level misconceptions, contradictory information she's picked up here and there, and the expectation that it's not going to be fun. Period. Can you say "actually, kind of repressed-terror"? Yeah.]

G had a "wild an' crazy" youth, cavorting around various brothels when he was a teenager; he's never been to bed with a virgin before (excepting, once, himself, of course). He's actually learned enough about sex (and G's dad gave him a lot of advice, too) that he's got a clue that "getting it over with ASAP" is probably not going to be fun (for either of them, and especially her; he does believe she's a virgin, and frankly wouldn't much care if she weren't), but V is a very stubborn person and he's been emotionally blackmailed (essentially) to go along with what she says she wants. So all he's got is lubricant and a short-term magical aphrodisiac (for him only) which will be working for a minute or three.

Now, while I have personal example of what losing virginity feels like from the female point of view, it was very nice, cuddly, lots of the recommended amounts of foreplay, etc. O;> So I can't really ask my spouse about that side of things. And since I need G's viewpoint for the rest of this scene... Any clues about whether he'd be able to tell during?

In advance: thank you for the answers, which I suspect I will distill down into two sentences that won't even be at the same place at the same time. *wry*

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