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Crop yields by volume.

I've got some people on a (very large) space ship, and I'm trying to figure out what the poor dears would be *eating*.

It's a long enough voyage that they have to grow most of their own food, so I'm trying to get a good idea of what plants, that can be grown hydroponically or in containers, would yield good crops in terms of calories/mass of food per unit plant volume per time--that is, how much usable food a cubic [volume unit] of the plant(s) would produce in a [time unit]. I suspect their biggest food crop would be the algae which is also their primary air system, but they need at least a little variety--and a backup in case something happens to the algae.

Searching for "crop yield" gets lots on increasing crop yields in traditional agriculture and such, or technical articles I can't really understand.
So: any ideas on what plants would be likely, less likely but doable, and unlikely; or how to find/figure out this information on my own?
Assume plants can be given near-optimal temperature, light, nutrient, and similar conditions, and can be kept free of diseases/pests. Though more "robust" species would be preferred, to help guard against unintended consequences.
Tags: ~agriculture

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