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Questions about THE DEBBIL

Sorry, couldn't contain myself on the subject line.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find stories about people challenging the devil and winning; I've tried Google and Encyclopedia Mythica, but found nothing. Well, actually, I found a lot of links to stuff that doesn't help me, with the exception of a painting of Babinsky catching the Devil cheating, which I would print and tack up on my wall for inspiration if I had color ink. I do have "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on my playlist, as well as "The Devil Went Back to Georgia," so no worries there. :-D

Secondly, I need suggestions for games/challenges that the Devil might be awful at, but a 24-year-old girl would/could kick ass with.
- Cards and board games are out, as are musical instruments. Too cliche.
- It would preferably involve travel and/or wandering through nature.

All I can think of is paintball, but since Satan could obviously use his "powers" to cheat at that, and it's also not a two-player game, I'm setting it aside for a moment.

Thanks, guys! :-)

EDIT: Thank you all so, so much! I think I know exactly where I'm going with this now, and all of the little tidbits gave me all kinds of ideas and stuff to look up. You all rock.
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