dreamfall_nnwm (dreamfall_nnwm) wrote in little_details,

Arrest Procedure

If a character were found sitting naked in an alleyway by a pair of uniformed police officers, what exactly would happen next? I understand he would be arrested for indecent exposure, read the Miranda warning, and taken in to the station-- but what would happen there? Would he be placed immediately in a holding cell, or is there some sort of intake procedure? If so, what does it consist of? If he resists in no way, gets up when he's told to, etc, but refuses to speak, give his name, etc, what effect would that have? There's also likely to be some question as to whether he was deliberately breaking the law, or just crazy: he was sitting naked in an alley in a light freezing rain. What effect would that have on their handling of the case? Basically, what steps would be taken to take him into custody, and what would happen then?


EDIT: USA, Present day. More specifically, if necessary, the state of Washington. Apologies, I could have sworn I'd included that.

Re-Edit: As for what searches I've tried, I've looked up arrest procedure, indecent exposure, and police procedure, and pretty much worked out that it's a mild misdemeanor, the difference between indecent exposure and public indecency, that the perpetrator can be arrested immediately without a warrant, etc., and lots and lots of information about the trial procedure. But everything I found seemed to sort of fade out between the point where he got out of the cop car and got into the court room.

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