Curtana (curtana) wrote in little_details,

Sex on a train

Setting: Scotland, on a regular train (not, say, the Hogwarts Express or something ;). The not-too-distant future, so any details about the present-day can likely still be applicable if I want them to be.

Searches: various combinations of 'train', 'scotland', and 'sex', which haven't led anywhere fruitful. I think this probably just needs the input of someone who's travelled on Scottish trains.

Question: On your average train travelling through Scotland, where could a couple reasonably have sex (if anywhere)? Let's assume that the train is not too busy, and that they have a (magical) way of not being noticed by most people, but they still need to be somewhat discreet, because there's no guarantee the magic will automatically work on everyone who might happen by. Would the bathroom be too small and cramped? (I know it probably would on most Canadian trains I've been on...) Is there any part of the train they could get into that would have more privacy? A berth or baggage storage area or something?

If there's nothing that's feasible, I'll just move the sex scene somewhere else, but it would amuse me to have it be on the train if it's possible.

ETA: Thanks for the input, everyone! I think I'll be better off having them wait until they reach their destination to shag like crazed weasels ;)

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