April Vannatta (feasel) wrote in little_details,
April Vannatta

Child abuse, incest, and jailtime.

Where would I go to learn about the following?

-the aftereffects of child abuse--physical, mental, sexual
-incest among siblings
-legal proceedings/sentences and so on for above and whether or not they'd be reduced for a female offender
-custody laws and the like

I really need some reliable sources, because I'm taking this seriously and want to get my facts straight and my story circumstances realistic.

I realize that the last two are probably going to be state-specific, so I'd need some sort of resource to compare/contrast different states to figure out where my story would best be set.

This is for background for a family wherein the older sister is in jail for abusing her younger siblings, and her twin brother gets custody. It's an urban fantasy, but the magic stuff doesn't apply to what I'm researching right now.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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