concerned elk is concerned (lenina101) wrote in little_details,
concerned elk is concerned

Folk Tales

Ok. I've had a brief google search but as I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for I'm turning to y'all for some guidance.

I have two characters - siblings, one female, one male - and I would like there to be some link to a folk tale or story. Something akin to Grimm's fairytales but not exactly like that. I'm ideally looking for stories which originate from the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East or possibly Latin America areas. The only areas I would discount would be folk tales from the UK or USA. I'm looking for fairly dark stories and ideally ones which involve siblings. Stories which include names of the charcters (as opposed to 'boy' and 'girl') would be even better.

Anything spring to mind? If anyone knows of any tales from memory or knows of any useful books that might help please point me in the right direction. Unfortunately it seems my library is a little low on folk tale books and I have little clue how to start with google! All help gratefully received as always.

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