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Being hit by a car, and some questions about hospitals

Alright, now lets suppose that a man was driving very quickly down a long and mostly straight road on a very foggy day. He was going quite fast, but has now calmed down and has slowed to a speed of about 30mph (Don't know what that equates to in km/h). Because of the thick fog, it's difficult for him to see, and he only becomes aware of a fairly healthy, but extremely fatigued twenty-five year old woman walking the opposite way pretty much in the middle of the road when she is only a few metres away. He brakes, swerving off the road but still manages to catch her and knock her down. Would it be possible for this woman to escape with only a broken arm, various bruises, and perhaps a mild concussion?

If not, how can I alter my situation to make it possible for her to escape with only those injuries? Is it even possible at all?

Later on, I'd like to have this woman wake up in a hospital after being treated fairly quickly (it's not a very busy hospital). I'd like to know how these kinds of injuries would affect her, and how they might be treated. Would this woman's arm be put into a sling, or a cast (Also, would it be possible for her to run at a reasonable speed with this injury?)? How would the concussion affect her (ie. Dizzyness, nausea, drowsiness, pain, etc.)? Would the doctors have given her any medication, and what side effects might there be? Would they be allowed to give her food after she'd been treated? If so, what kind of food would a hospital typically have?

I realise I'm asking a lot of questions, but I don't want to make any silly mistakes in my story, and I need to know if I should alter certain events to make them more believeable.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Cwelf =)

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