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Fan dance and eye damage

Okay, my Google-fu has failed me. Help? T_T

Setting: Naruto series setting-- for the non-anime watchers, it's kind of like a semi-modern ninja society that doesn't seem to be affected by outside countries or influences. There are various Hidden Villages that offer various level services that can range from weeding out someone's garden to assasination. They use various jutsus/martial arts to fight... and I don't think I'm explaining this well. Think elemental magic, as opposed to Harry Potter sense.
They have some technology such as TV's, phones, and some computers, but don't have any cars or guns.
The medical field is fairly advanced, in that they heal with chakra. It's hard to explain without me jabbering on for three pages, so I'll just blaspheme some more and call it eastern-magic again.

Keywords Tried: geisha fan dance, fan dance, eastern fan dance

Does anyone know where I can find a description of the type of fan dance a Geisha would perform? I was only able to find one site, and it was more of a general outline for what one would learn than acutal steps and whatnot.
For reference: yes, I have seen Memiors of a Geisha, but I'd like more examples than that if possible, since there are tons of different "plays" avaliable. (One example used was an adaptation of InuYasha, but only a mention. *snaps fingers*)

Keywords Tried: eye damage, optical damage, eye biology, eye physiology, eyes

Also, does anyone know from a (semi-)medical standpoint what damage poison gas/acid would have on the human eye? How deep does the damage go, how damaged can an eye get before it's beyond help, etc.
If it helps, it'll be healed by a medic-nin of Naruto-series caliber, but I'd feel more confident in my medical-BSing if I have some actual facts to work with.

**Edited as per mod's request. Sorry about that!**


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