speeding_turtle (speeding_turtle) wrote in little_details,

Mind of a teenage guy

(Okay, sorry there are so many questions, I haven't posted in a while.)
I like to base my characters on people I actually know, however this can raise problems with things I really don't want to ask my guy friends about, and a wide range of answers is kinda what I'm looking for anyway (your personal thoughts or experiences). Note this is aimed at teenage boys, roughly 13-18, modern day.
1. What do guys talk about in gym class locker rooms?
2. If a guy suspected a girl was having her special time of month, what would he be thinking? Saying to his friends? Do boys actually even care/wonder, or is this not very likely?
3. Scene so far: Boy likes Girl (who's a friend) and kisses her (on the hand in one scenario, and on the cheek in a different one) as she's saying goodbye. What would he be thinking as he's working up the nerve to do this? Or maybe just spur of the moment?
Thanks in advance, this is stuff that really improves the writing with personal experiences.

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