Kestrel (shadowa) wrote in little_details,

More London

Hi, guys. Here's yet another London question (a few, really).

On Halloween night (or the morning after, technically) 1975, two of my characters (a young man and woman who are sort of getting into a relationship, but not really) get a little tipsy and go wandering around Regent’s Park at two in the morning. Then they collapse and fall asleep on the ground. They wake up unscathed but very cold the next morning and wander out again.

My questions are: what would be going on in Regent’s Park at two in the morning after Halloween in 1975, if anything? Is it possible for people to just wander in there any time, or is the park closed at certain times? Is there any sort of authority that doesn’t let people sleep there, and kicks them out? And how cold does it get in London around Halloween—that is, could two people (huddled together, so they have shared body heat, at least), feasibly spend a night in the open (a rainy night, too, I might add) and not get frostbite?

Apologies for the ignorance of the American. :)

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