lindsay m. shrift (lin_tin_tin) wrote in little_details,
lindsay m. shrift

Chicago art scene details

Hi, guys. This is kind of a vague question. Let me know if it's inappropriate for this community.

Time is roughly present day. The narrator is an art student currently living in Chicago (but the bulk of the story takes place elsewhere and Chicago is not itself terribly important to the story.) I'm just looking for a few details to give the brief Chicago portions of the story an authentic taste. I don't need anything broad and obvious, like "there is an elevated train" or the names of neighborhoods, but -- for example -- but what kind of beer would a mid-20s, fresh-out-of-art-school Chicago hipster drink? Are there any notable clothing trends? A ubiquitous local synonym for "awesome"? A particular artist that Chicago art students would know and love or detest, but who would be largely unknown outside the city? An artist or band widely admired but scorned by those in the know?

I've searched numerous permutations of "Chicago" "art" "scene" "culture" and the like, but I'm really looking for specific anecdotes from people who've lived there. Anytime within the past five years is fine, and anything you can come up with will be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance, and again, I hope this isn't totally inappropriate or unanswerable! If it is, please feel free to delete it.
Tags: usa: illinois

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