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Japanese invocations, Gaelic/Hebrew endearments...

Two unrelated scenes [mumble] that may never see the light of day, so don't try too hard on this one, just if you happen to know... [/mumble].
Both are questions of both language and cultural detail. Not sure where/how to search, so pointing me at sites/search terms (in English, please...) would be if anything more useful than actual answers.

Our first characters are a group of modern American teenage boys essentially playing at being wizards. They have watched way too much anime, and have about a year of Japanese under their belts, except for one who has maybe as much as 3. They have a "spell" they found on the internet (quite likely written by their Japanese equivalent) to summon a tengu, which is a Shinto hawk shapeshifter being at least somewhat associated with the sea and storm god Susano-o.
I need them to 1. say the appropriate equivalent of "Oh, great Susano-o, [insert appropriate honorifics and flattery here, probably including bits about mastery of sea and storm, and a "great and terrible" or two], we offer you this saccrifice, please send forth one of your tengu servants.", and 2. argue about it somewhere.

For 1, I don't necessarily need the whole phrase, as they will be interrupted before they get to the part about the sacrifice, but I put the whole thing in in case a Japanese speaker would, ya know, phrase it completely differently--I mostly just need enough for a line or 2 of dialogue for the poor idiots to chant. I'd appreciate both the phrase in Japanese (er... transcribed, the actual Japanese characters will do me no good whatsoever, I can't even see 'em on my computer, much less read 'em) and an approximate babelfish-ish translation of what they're actually saying.
For 2, I want some point that they could misread, mispronounce, or argue about the exact interpretation of--the kind of mistake that a novice Japanese speaker might make. ie something to the effect of "No, that's [Japanese word], not [slightly different Japanese word]. You just called him a fish." or "That says [storm]." "No, that says [cloud]." or "No, it's pronounced like the o in bone, not the a in dawn."

Our second characters are two adult males on a very large space ship, Liam and Jacob. (named here to prevent pronoun strain). Time's maybe 200-300 years in the future.
Liam is an Irish witch, and enthusiastically multilingual. Also flamingly gay. His first language is Irish/Gaelic. He also speaks English, Hebrew, Romany, most major European languages, and probably several others. Hebrew is not be one he's vastly fluent in, he learned it to impress/woo Jacob, but he's Good at languages. He has the habit of peppering his speech with bits and pieces of various languages, particularly for things like swear words and terms of endearment, where you don't really need to know what they really mean to know what they mean.
Jacob is a good Orthodox Jew. Thus, he's having some Problems with his attraction to Liam, and in particular with an (off-screen) incident a few weeks before the scene in question where he lost his virginity to Liam. (this will not ultimately stand in the way of Twoo Wuv, however.) He is fluent in Hebrew and English (haven't decided yet which is his first language, but he learned both as a child), but knows no other languages.

After a long discussion of the whys and wherefores of their prior encounter, they ultimately decide to have another go at it.

So, I need what Liam might be calling Jacob, and what Jacob might be screaming out at a--particularly intense moment. (again--Roman characters...)
I particularly want a few good, intense terms in both Gaelic and Hebrew (ie the kind of thing you'd say to the Love Of Your Life), though your favorite terms of endearment in any language you wish might come up. Serious terms preferred--more the equivalent of "beloved" or "dearest" than the equivalent of "poopsie" or "sugarpants". Though I wouldn't say no to something especially--lurid, in Hebrew.
And for Jacob--I suspect he'd consider it... breaking more rules than he already is to scream out "Oh God, oh God" at Key Moments, so... what *would* he scream out? Um... accuracy's not too crucial on this bit, even if I manage to write the rest, the sex scene will most likely not be shown to anyone else, I just want to get the shape of it right in my head.

Thanks for any and all help... I shall stop babbling now.
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