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damage due to repeated electric shocks to the throat

and once again i turn to this wonderful community for answers. ^_^

my character has been collared with something akin to an electroshock collar used for dogs, only it's meant to inflict severe pain whenever he screws up (in a variety of ways) as opposed to a more minor 'don't do that'-type of dissuasion. i'm trying to find what sort of damage repeated shocks of this type would inflict on the poor kid, especially to his laryngeal area/vocal chords, as well as skin scarring and anything else you lovely people can think of (nerve damage?). there is magic that can heal him if the accumulated damage becomes life-threatening, but the shocks themselves aren't intended to kill him, just be very damned painful.

search terms used on google: electric shock to throat, electric burns, electricity damage vocal chords

i've been finding a lot of stuff on skin burns but not so much how it would affect musculature in the long run. maybe i'm not reading carefully enough. ^_^; but anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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