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"Birds and the Bees" knowledge by teens in 1850's America

I've tried Googling this, but I can't find quite what I need.... It keeps pulling up completely irrelevant documents. My reference books that I own for things like this have even failed me!

I have a character who is a 15-year-old teenage girl in the time of 1850. She spent about 12 years in Boston before moving west with her family. She did have an education in Boston at a girls' school, but has not been schooled since arriving west. (Not sure if this is important information regarding my question.)

My question: How much would someone of her age and background know about "the birds and the bees"? Would this be something that her parents would tell her at all, or were women typically given this information only after they were engaged or even married? (She is neither.)

Thanks in advance for any help or tips where I could find this info!

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