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FBI Training & Recruitment Pre-Quantico

Time: 1935.

Place: USA.

Searches Tried: "FBI", "FBI training pre-quantico", "FBI history of training", "FBI recruiting Hoover" and a multitude of synonyms thereof on Google, Wikipedia and Also poked around the electronic reading room and FAQ/history pages on the FBI website.

I really, really need information on where and how FBI agents were trained before the opening of the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, in 1972. My character is a young man, about twenty-five or six, who came from a relatively poor family in the Midwest and joined the FBI. J. Edgar Hoover took office in 1934, and when he did so, he totally revamped the training process that the BoI (predecessor of the FBI) had had in place. I can't find anything on this yet, and it's bugging me bad. Any information you can point me toward, I would be very grateful!

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