Angie (wichetty_g) wrote in little_details,


What is the name of the chemical that reptiles produce in thier bodies that is analogous to adrenaline in humans, but that builds up and can become dangerous to the reptile when under great stress?
I've been looking for this all night and I'm not finding much. The only answer I've found is epinephrine, which is just another name for adrenaline I think, which doesn't sound right to me. I thought it began with an "A", the chemical I'm looking for. I can remember steve irwin talking about it more than once, and maybe Jeff Corwin too. (used to watch both of them all the time) If someone can either tell me the name of the chemical I'm looking for, or just confirm that it is in fact epinephrine and I'm just a looney for thinking it was something else, I'd be ever so grateful.
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~science: biology (misc)

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