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British Military, 1880s

Hello you wonderful people,

I have a pretty detailed question that I can't seem to find the information I need in order to answer it. I'm wondering...

1. What position would the second son of a British viscount enter when joining the British military in 1879. I'm looking at the period from 1879 to 1887, only. The young man at the time of entering the military would be approximately 22 yrs old.
2. Would he go army, or navy? I know that in general, the British public was indifferent to the navy in the 1870s, but you can rise up the ranks faster in the navy.
3. What would he have to do in order to gain the prestige of a lieutenant (navy) or a captain/colonel (army)? I know that in the 1880s, there were a series of wars in Afhganistan, with the Zulu and Boers in South Africa....
4. How long would he have to do what he did to gain that prestige so that by 1887, he is effectively retired because of some sort of injury?
5. What is a believable injury that would retire him from duty? If his leg is shot, would that pull him from active duty?

I know these are really specific questions, but if you can give me any clue about any book that I should read, or a website I can look at...the British army website wasn't too helpful and Wikipedia/Google aren't showing too much. I think my questions might be a little too specific. But if you've read any books on the topic, please let me know!

Thanks so much!

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