Irresponsible Jones (lemmealone) wrote in little_details,
Irresponsible Jones

Low security psychiatric facilities

Okay, I've been Googling and Wiki-ing until my eyes started to bleed, and still no joy. Help a girl out?

I'm told that in the U.S. there are halfway houses for people with long term psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia. They're used while meds are getting stabilised and for life skills education - a last step before social reintegration after being in crisis care or a longer term psych facility.

Thing is, I'm looking for a place that would cater to BOTH reintegrating chronic patients and people with less severe and/or acute conditions. So people with mood disorders, probably a few self-admits etc. Specifically, a guy with situational depression judged to be a possible danger to himself, checking in voluntarily as an alternative to involuntary commital in a more secure short-term care facility.

Most of the halfway places I've seen cater to drug addicts and sex offenders, which I'm not looking for at all.

So, would a place like this exist? I mean, even if I had to make a place up, would it be allowed according to Texas law?
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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