Lizy Townshend (eriathwen_bob) wrote in little_details,
Lizy Townshend

Post-decontamination clothing

This is following on from my question earlier this week about a bioterrorist attack in a modern-day London tube station.

I gather from my research that the fire service has protocols for decontamination showers and for collecting potentially bio-hazardous clothing. So what would they give you to wear after that? (They're taking the victims off to be examined and quarantined) And, more difficult to answer, do they provide ethnically sensitive clothing? One of my protagonists is a muslim and she normally wears a hijab (headscarf) which she will be loathe to go without. I figure worst comes to worst they could give her a spare towel/t-shirt and she can wrap that round her hair.

Searches for this mostly turn up hazmat suits and that kind of thing, or just instructions on how the decontamination should be carried out.

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