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Riding after injury; dogs in Poland

A character in one of my fics has been left with a severe, permanent limp after a riding accident. Assuming that she can still manage to ride, what kinds of adjustments might she have to make?

Specifically, when she first appears, the injury is recent enough that she's still in some pain and probably should not be riding at all. She meets a small boy who is lost, and ends up taking him home to his parents. I'm assuming that dismounting and mounting would be problematic for her, and that she'd try to avoid them, but the child has never been on a horse before and she may have to help him. Can anyone help me to picture how she would manage this? I thought that Googling "riding" plus "disability" would work, but my searches seem to turn up only links to therapeutic riding programs.

Incidentally, this takes place in a rural area in the Russian portion of Poland, ca. 1900.

A second, related question: This same character has several dogs along with her; I had toyed with the idea that her family kept something exotic like Scottish deerhounds, if that's not too improbable. (And they'd probably give them names out of novels by Sir Walter Scott.) Failing that, could anyone suggest a breed that might be found in Poland, and that could look sufficiently like a wolf, at dusk, to scare a small boy with an overactive imagination?

To everyone who responded: You guys have all been great! I can't thank you enough!
Tags: poland: history, ~animals: horses, ~animals: pets, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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