Dove (dropsofviolet) wrote in little_details,

a half-remembered fairy tale and tying a kimono

Okay, I've got two stories going at once, and they're both stuck. -.-";;;

Question 1: For a story I'm writing, I want to reread and perhaps quote a fairy tale I heard long ago. I've been through about 200 Brothers Grimm fairytales with no luck. Here's what I remember about it. In the story, a couple is childless and desperate. They go to a witch, who promises them children in exchange for a specific first or secondborn child. My sister says this is also a Disney movie, but neither of us have enough details to google this well. Please help me with at least the title of the story!

Question 2: Another one of my characters is wearing a kimono for the first time. I want to go into detail about how to put one on. However, I can't find a good website using English terms or at least good pictures of tying a kimono. They talk about all these Japanese pieces that I've never heard of. I've googled "tying a kimono," "tying an obi," etc., and tried WikiHow and as well.

You guys helped me promptly and gave me great answers the last time I inquired. I'll be terribly glad for any help.
Tags: japan: folklore, ~clothing

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