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A "date movie" in Japan.

In Japan, does the concept of something being a good "date movie" exist? Would it be the same as in the U.S.?(Here the idea is that it's a romance or light comedy, or so I've always thought...) What about an American movie like that, would that be a common thing to see on a first date? Or does it really matter at all?

Setting is contemporary Tokyo; the characters are a male and female college student; he is extremely socially inept and usually spends all his time watching anime and playing video games, which she hates. I don't need a specific movie, since I probably don't want to pinpoint the year; I just want to know the lines he might be thinking along as he tries to figure out where to take her.

Googled "Japan date movie" and "Japanese date movie" but mostly got hits for the film "Date Movie."
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