Lizy Townshend (eriathwen_bob) wrote in little_details,
Lizy Townshend


In my fictive world (oh God, secret-service-people who are bugging me, please read that first bit) which is very much like our own, there is a bioterrorist attack on a London tube station. I would like the disease to be rapid-paced(ish) and nasty.

Wikipedia suggests one set of agents; the WHO another. I was planning on using Ebola/Marburg fever based on their plain yuk/fear factor (and virulence, contagion, speed, unfamiliarity, lack of easy cure...), but the WHO doesn't have them listed. Why is this? What can you suggest I do? Advice?

Similarly, what would a bio-bomb look, smell, and sound like, before and after detonation? Fictional references accepted here. I've read in one book that it could be as simple as a raw egg dropped on the ground, but I'm thinking for decent dispersal (and, you know, drama) a proper whooshy explosive might be better...?
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~terrorism

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