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proper title for a male ballet dancer

Search terms used --

title for male ballerina 
premier dansuer

I've read numerous articles and replies, but am still shaky.

Right, onto the question.

In my novel, set in America anywhere from 1980's to now ish, doesn't matter, my MC is a ballet dancer, with one little quirk - he's male. He would be around a junior to a senior in HighSchool, and I have NO idea what to call him ballet-wise.

His talent is phenomenal, and he plans on applying to a top school for the performing arts/dance. 

I've basically figured out that he would be called a "danseur", but what about if he were in a program for a ballet? (Let us assume that he has one of the lead or secondary roles) What would they refer to him as? Primer danseur? A soloist? 

What would he tell his friends that he is, ex "I am a male ballet dancer/I am a danseur/I am a primer danseur"?

I know that ballerino is not the correct term, and would very much like to not have to resort to this as I KNOW it is not that accurate, and male ballet dancer is a little long. Personal experince would be helpful, and any general input. I'm trying to reach a general consensus on this. Thank you!

EDIT: I'm going to go with him saying "dancer" or "ballet dancer", and use that to spawn some jokes (thank you, _madisonne_  !) Most everyone in his school knows that he dances, and for use in programs I will use "soloist" and "principal dancer" for the different roles he gets. I am so grateful for the input and context, and will definitely use the resources mentioned for other dance definitions that were mentioned. Gracias!


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