Damien Kellis (dkellis) wrote in little_details,
Damien Kellis

Suicide question.

I have a (throwaway) character who is looking to commit suicide, but is pretty much a coward about it. He wants a relatively painless death, and bonus points if that death can conceivably look like an accident.

How would he go about doing this? I was thinking some combination or overdose of drugs, but it would have to be something easily obtainable. His age is not fixed in stone, but I was thinking mid-teens, so alcoholic mixes would require some tweaking to work into the story.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: To clarify, the story works better if the death were not of the flashy variety like jumping. I was thinking maybe a day or so before the body is discovered.

Also, the only place he would have any privacy is his room. And he would definitely want to expire in private.
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