fshk (fshk) wrote in little_details,

American Civil War recruitment

I'm writing an American Civil War era novel. My characters run off to enlist.

My question is: What is the actual procedure for joining the army?

I've consulted a few books and Googled variations on "civil war" + "enlistment" +/-
"procedure" and mostly what I'm getting are individual unit histories or else information on how to join reenactment groups, but no actual information on what happened when a man decided to enlist and what the procedure might be. (Do men just show up at a designated time? Is there some kind of sign-up procedure? Is there a medical exam of any kind?) All I've managed to figure out so far is that the criteria for acceptance were not particularly strict.

So... any reenactors in the house? If anyone knows the answer to this or can point me towards some resources that might explain it, I'd appreciate it.
Tags: usa: history: civil war

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