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Federal Penitentiaries in the Northeastern US, Present-Day

My Google-Fu has brought me here: but my spotty knowledge of sentencing options has left me a little stymied. I'm writing a DC Comics fanfic that alludes to events that happened in canon in Birds of Prey. 

To summarize: A U.S. Senator was caught on film (which was broadcast live across the continent, thanks to a master-hacker who hijacked the airwaves) admitting that he'd ordered the abduction and unlawful confinement 10 women and also given orders to have them killed. The women were rescued, making it attempted murder only.

So, on the one hand, we have a man who would have been able to hire a top lawyer or team of them... but the evidence is incontrovertible. (Some of his aides also cut a bargain with the prosecution to testify against him. Basically, he's going down.)

What I'm wondering is, assuming that he is in fact found guilty and sentenced to prison time, in which level of Federal Prison would he be most likely to serve his sentence?

The senator is in his early 60s, if that would at all impact whether he ends up in a minimum, medium or maximum security prison. 

Thanks for any assistance!

Tags: usa: government: prison

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