lisabel (lisabel) wrote in little_details,

Interior of Covent Garaden

Time Period: It's set in 1803...important because the theatre burned down and was rebuilt in 1808-1809.

Searches Conducted: I've googled and wiki'd until my eyes have been about ready to bleed. Search terms used: Covent Garden Interior, Covent Garden Amigoni, Covent Garden Theatre Interior, Covent Garden Royal Box

The Question: Can anyone describe the interior of this theatre circa 1803? The pictures I've found give me a straight view of the stage and it looks as if the curtain and draperies were all green. Where was the royal box located? Close to the stage? If so, on which side? Or was it in the center of the house like continental opera houses/theatres? Which tier of boxes would the aristocracy have generally frequented?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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